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We focus on your strengths and are dedicated and passionate about helping you realise your potential by providing tailored and focused support so that you can find fulfilling and long-term employment. We will continue to provide in work support during the course of your employment ensuring your training and development requirements are fulfilled.


Before we can match you with the right opportunity, PSEV Employment Advisors take the time to understand about your job goals as well as your own personal career aspirations. We then help build upon your strengths and capabilities whilst focusing on weaknesses providing the support and resources needed to secure meaningful, long-term work.

Your journey towards economic independence begins with a one-to-one interview with a PSEV Employment Advisors. During this interview, we help you create a customised Action Plan that will guide you in your search for employment. With a plan in place, we then provide you with tailored activities designed to help prepare you for work. We also provide you with the support and resources you need to achieve your goals. Key support services we offer include:

  • Help preparing your CV and writing cover letters

  • Training in a number of critical areas, including:

  • Interview skills

  • Basic skills and budgeting

  • Assistance with benefit calculations

  • Help understanding the positive effect work will have on your income through the use of a “Better Off Calculation”

  • Help understanding how your benefits will change once you return to work

  • Vocational skills

  • Attitude to work including Confidence, motivation and time-management workshops

  • Personal Learning and Thinking skills

  • Signposting and referrals to local community organisations to help you address any mental health, physical or substance misuse issues you may have

  • Links to appropriate housing bodies

  • Our goal is to help you prepare for, and find meaningful work as quickly as possible.

  • Job Search and Placement

Our priority is to help you find work and find work that is meaningful to you and that you will want to stay in long-term. Our job-search and placement services provide you with the support and resources you require to achieve success.

Once we’ve helped you prepare for work, we stand ready to help you in the next step in your journey — searching for meaningful, long-term employment. Your PSEV Employment Advisor will guide you through the job-search process, offering you expert advice, moral support and a wealth of tools and services, including:

  • Sourcing and matching you with local vacancies

  • Helping with independent job-search activities

  • Training you on how to “cold call” employers

  • Helping you with interview preparation techniques

  • Offering assistance to help you:

  • Arrange for child care while attending interviews

  • Secure transportation for interviews, including funding as necessary

  • Purchase the necessary clothing, uniforms and tools for your interview needs and beyond

  • Once you’ve secured a job, we continue to support you with services designed to help you be successful at work and progress in your career.

  • In-Work Support

Starting a new job can be difficult. That’s why PSEV offers in-work support for every jobseeker we place. Our In-Work Support Team helps you secure what you need to succeed in your new job. As you begin your new employment, you are likely to experience a variety of emotions as you encounter new responsibilities and situations. That’s why our support to you doesn’t stop simply because you’ve found work. The PSEV In-Work Support Team stands ready to help you succeed from the first day of work up to two years beyond. By calling our helpline, you can talk with a friendly, knowledgeable professional who will answer your questions and provide you with the on-going support and resources you require to succeed.

Our in-work support services include:

  • Tips and advice to deal with common challenges you may encounter, such as preparing for your first day of work and handling workplace challenges

  • IAG support on motivation and Personal learning and thinking skills

  • Securing reliable transportation

  • Obtaining the necessary workwear, uniforms and tools

  • Producing required documentation, such as references, identification and relevant licenses

  • Advice to help you through difficult times when you are uncertain about your fit with your new job

  • Help with basic skills, such as budgeting, applying for relevant in-work benefits and finding an appropriate work-life balance

  • Opportunities and funding to help you advance in your career through on-going training and education, such as short courses.


PSEV is pleased to offer Traineeships. Traineeships can help you gain skills and experience with progression into further education, employment or an apprenticeship. It is also a great way of helping you gain Functional skills in English and Maths, if you don’t already have them.

Please see our leaflets below for more details

The Bridge

PSEV is also proud to work with the Mayor for London, to help young people aged 15-21 back into work or training.

Skill up
Our latest project is aimed at those who are 16 and over to assist back into work, training or anything else.