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About us

PSEV is an experienced provider of Government funded employment, enterprise and skills training programmes. We provide expertise in employment, skills and education whilst giving confidence, skills, and experience needed to find lasting employment using the most creative, relevant and innovative methods.

We work extensively with young people and adults in various London Boroughs, and deliver information advice and guidance targeted to those who are not in education or training, or employment. We also offer a work programme, which helps longer-term people back into work.
For more specific information please Contact us.

Our Organisation

Based in West London, and established since 2010, our organisation has been established with the intention of helping young people secure work. We work with all the local and national stakeholders to ensure the best results. We aim to provide a high level of service to anyone who registers with us and help to the best of abilities.

Our success

We have had a high rate of success story’s throughout our organisations founding , and have help numerous individuals into work, employment, training and other outcomes. To see our success story’s you can view out testimonials here.

Our social ethos and commercial professionalism have merged to create a new age model to deliver public sector services which is responsive to 21st century challenges. We welcome all candidates, regardless of background. For more information please feel free to visit the Partners, Jobseekers pages, or please feel free to Contact us.

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